Three words which make a BIG difference - It's my pleasure

Published: 05th January 2010
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It's my pleasure to reveal this short but CRITICALLY important piece of writing with you.

Like it or not, the way you are PERCEIVED by others will make a VERY BIG difference to your levels of achievemet in life. Usually, we tend to like and prefer to do business with ENTHOUSIASTIC people with a positive mindset who leave us with a warm glow and a good experience.

More importantly, being an outwardly positive happy person is good for your overall health and happiness and will bring you many ongoing benefits which all add to providing your levels of happiness and a far enhance way of life.

Combined with a smile the right words can make a VAST and lasting difference...

'It's my pleasure' are just three little words that without COST to use, but will make a massive difference to your perception in the eyes of the recipient.

most of us prefer 'can do', 'will do', 'no problem' people, they make life simple, positive and pleasant. Such responses are generally synonymous with high levels of self-confidence which is another big attraction factor, so let's use them all.

When you use 'It's my pleasure' you are in fact at a subliminal level laying the building blocks of a sound, lasting and potentially profitable relationship. The recipients who receive such comments from you will find it difficult not to make a mental note of your positive energy and courtesy.

You also are FAR more likely to be remembered!

Sincerely using such words as 'it's my pleasure' provides you with a distinct advantage in life as people originally remember such responsiveness which often triggers feelings of reciprocity and who knows what that can lead to.

For instance, let's imagine, you had two grocery shop in your immediate locality, both take the same time to get to and offering the same services. One morning you discover you have run out of breakfast cereal so you nip up to the first corner shop to buy some more. After selecting your favourite variety and offer payment to the shop assistant who is nice, you say thank you for their service and they return the compliment as they give you back your change.

A couple of weeks later you discover you have run out of cereal once more, however this time you go to the second corner shop who have a supply of the same breakfast serial. On this occasion as the person behind the counter returns your change you are treated to an originally WARM SMILE and the response of 'it is my pleasure'!

The next time you run out of provisions which shop do you think you are most probable to return to? Store two is a hands down winner!

Such vocabulary will make you stand out from the crowd as so few individuals take the time to use them, and use the well with feeling. Another benefit of using such kind and positive responses is that it makes you feel good inside. Being positive has a habit of doing that and attracting MORE what you've just given out.

Birds of a feather flock together...

You may have heard it said that the World is like a mirror? ...and in some ways it REALLY is, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the energy and feelings that we project and give out.

Have you ever noticed that negative people attract MORE negativate people to them And that happy and positive people tend to hang around with other happy and positive people? Wealthy indeviduals prefer to socialise with others who are well healed. This is no accident and follows this same simple rule. So if you give out positive vibrations it is highly likely to attract positive people in return.

Just think of the opportunities you could be attracting towards yourself EVERY DAY! ...just by using the positive energy and the right words?

The words 'it's my pleasure' suits me and I like to use them a lot, however there are many other alternatives which you can use such as: with pleasure, it's always been a pleasure, the pleasure is all mine, it's been an honour, etc.

So that's it, three little words that WILL make a vast difference to your life if you only take the time to try them out for yourself. I estimate that 3% - 5% who read this article will experiment and make such responses their own, I hope you are one of them?

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